Lost: It’s time for answers

lostimageThis week we’ve got a guest post from Heather Hughes.

For years Lost has confused us with its time-travelling island, sinister smoke monsters and seemingly misplaced polar bears. With every season comes new, often unsolved, mysteries that stump even the most loyal of Lost fans. Until now, that is. Lost’s sixth, and final, season has kick-started, and it promises to give us answers. Finally!

“I think there are people who have certainly figured out significant pieces, but they don’t have enough information yet,” Damon Lindelof, the show’s co-producer, has explained: “Starting with the season première this year, the remaining clues necessary to figure out where we’re going to end the show are going to begin to fall into place.”

When we last saw the castaways they had just detonated a hydrogen bomb, which they hoped would destroy the island and thus change their past (or should that be future?). Of course, as is always the case with TV shows, things didn’t go to plan. Shots were fired, Sayid was hit and Juliet was dragged into a well of explosives. The finale left viewers with no end of queries. Is Juliet dead? Has the island been destroyed? And to the extra-observant, why was the title screen white instead of black?

The big question on most people’s lips, however, is not about the kamikaze castaways, but on how the Other’s leader (John Locke) is still walking around when he’s dead, strangled by Ben back on the mainland.  At first it was assumed that Locke had somehow come back to life, but later this was proven far too preposterous an idea – even for Lost – when his carcass was tipped out of a coffin at the end of season five. So, who exactly is the intruder? And why is he so eager to kill island boss Jacob? Come to think of it, who the hell is Jacob anyway?

Kudos to the show’s creators: this season’s double-bill début has already started to answer some questions. Infuriatingly, it’s also unearthed more mysteries too. One thing’s clear; deciphering them is not going to be easy. The newly-scripted shifts between alternate realities will make sure of that.

It would take hours to list all the theories and unanswered questions amassed throughout Lost’s lifetime.  There’s talk of it being a dream, or a form of hell, but no one really knows — well, except the show’s creators (you’d hope).

So, what do you think of the first few episodes? Any theories on how it will all end?

Heather is a shameless TV addict who writes for, and runs, the UK version of TV.com. She played a key part in bringing the fansite to British soil and remains the main driving force behind the publication’s production.

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    Grrrrr! I wish I had Sky One. Can’t wait to get to the bottom of this s*dding mysterious programme! I’ve invested so many hours of my life watching it that it’s too late to stop now. Must……know……what……happens!

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