Dork Review: Gel-covered Jelfin mouse


This week, we’ve got a guest post from Jenny Williams.

It certainly is the first of its kind: a ball-shaped mouse with a gel-cushioned coating.

The Jelfin mouse promises to revolutionise the traditional computer mouse as we know it. To think of it, the design of the humble mouse has not been successfully challenged since becoming a staple of computer hardware.

The product claims to keep your hands relaxed and more comfortable for longer periods, putting less tension on the wrist and forearm.

So how did I get on?

jelfin-gel-mouse_image-2For starters, the scroll wheel is interestingly inverted; you have to scroll towards yourself to go up and vice versa, which actually feels more natural.

Also, like other laser-powered mice, you’ll need to use this mouse with a mouse mat if you have a slick and shiny desktop.

Despite all its claims, navigating around my computer screen with my hand wrapped round, what feels like, a sticky, gooey, tennis ball is an odd experience. And not in a good way. I attempted to make this mouse easy to use by raising my computer chair as high as possible and towering above it.

This does not make for comfortable – or elegant – computing. Believe me.

‘Greetings, earthlings’, reads Jelfin’s website. Indeed, this product is really far too alien to my traditionally mouse-trained hands. With all its bright colours and fancy promotional presentation video on its website, I was enticed by its claims and its tactile material. It’s the first of its kind – and probably the last.

Currently retailing at $35 in the US, it’s soon to be available in the UK, Canada and Europe.

Jenny is a freelance journalist and editor of her very own tech site, Witch Tech.

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  1. Emma Cossey says

    This looks so uncomfortable! Seems like it puts a lot more of a strain on the hand and wrist than a run-of-the-mill flat mouse.

  2. MacFan says

    I read your review and beleive you were holding it wrong. It’s actually very comfortable and easy to use if held in the proper way as explained on their website. If you hold it with your hand cupped over it like a claw then you were using it wrong. Your fingers should be positioned at the scroll wheel level.


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