The Best Comic Book Movie Adaptations


2012 is going to prove a massive year for the comic book film adaptation, with Zack Snyder rebooting Superman with The Man of Steel, Marc Webb taking on The Amazing Spider-man, The Avengers getting their first outing courtesy of Joss Whedon, and of course, there’s the Batman saga coming to an end … [Read more...]

The best craft blogs of the week

Free Scott Pilgrim Cube Craft from CubeeCraft

This week is the start of a new series, where we round up the best of the posts and news in the crafty blogging community. First up, Crafty Crafty found a free pattern for these cube craft Scott Pilgrim characters above. Our very own Michelle Duxbury rounds up the best back to school products … [Read more...]

Vampires Suck – The Trailer Rises


In just over a month, Vampires Suck is released in the UK. From the school of cinema that brought us Epic Movie, Not Another Teen Movie and countless others, it attempts to mercilessly shred the Twilight movies. And other vampire cash-ins, but mostly Twilight. In fact, if you’ve somehow managed … [Read more...]

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Dork Review

Scott Pilgrim movie poster

Ewan Swain was one of the lucky few who bagged a ticket to a screening of Scott Pilgrim. Here's his review. Ok, first let me lay my cards on the table. I read comic books. I play video games. I love snappy pop culture references. I was a big fan of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot … [Read more...]

Scott Pilgrim – The Comics: Dork Review

Scott Pilgrim comics by Bryan Lee O'Malley - volume 6 cover

Scott Pilgrim, the Canadian-manga series by Bryan Lee O’Malley, has been the independent comics success story of recent years. From the first volume in 2004, momentum has steadily built until the sixth and last book in the series was released to an eager public last week. Midnight openings, huge … [Read more...]