Microsoft, Apple, Firefox: The evolution of our favourite logos

What attracts you to a brand? The sophisticated design, the impressive technology, strategic marketing or the iconic logo?

A logo can immediately say, we have great service, or our company is committed and our product is the best.

So it may be a surprise that some of the biggest brands have evolved their logos, and not just once or twice.

Take a look at how some of your favourite tech brands started out…


Let’s start with the Fanboi’s favourite Apple, instantly recognisable with an apple that has a bite out of the side.

All those who were around in the 80s and 90s would be aware of the previous version with the colourful rainbow pattern designed by Rob Jannoff, with Rob freely admitting it was inspired from the hippy inside.

But even this colourful creation wasn’t the original logo. In fact, one of the original founders, Ronald Wayne, developed the first logo in 1976; an image of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree.

Thankfully Steve Jobs and co. opted for a simpler logo for their products, and the logo we know and love was born (even though it was in Technicolor.)

The logo is still evolving. Since 2003 the colours have changed from aqua to glass and the lines on the Apple itself have changed. Apple will always be up-to-date with technology so who knows what is next on their logo journey.

Firefox Logos

Mozilla’s Firefox logo

A relevant newcomer to the world of browsers, Mozilla’s Firefox has already had its fair share of logo changes. Firefox first came to life in 2002, but its popularity rose in 2008 and now many developers choose Firefox over all other browsers.

The logo was originally that of a phoenix, and it wasn’t until 2004 that the Firefox logo we see today began to evolve.

Jon Hicks, the designer of the Firefox logo, commented

The final chosen design was a concept from Daniel Burka and sketched by Stephen Desroches, which I then rendered using Fireworks MX.

The logo was chosen for the purpose of making an impression, while not shouting out with overdone artwork. The logo had to stand out while not causing too much distraction when among other icons.

It certainly stands out now, easily recognisable when next to the big E and the four colours of chrome.

Microsoft’s Logo

Microsoft’s logo is simply its name, so it is surprising that since its beginnings in 1975 it had to try three times to get it right.

Its first attempt was garish to say the least; clearly its head was still in the swinging 60s with Microsoft possibly wanted to show a ‘fun’ side to the company.

By 1982 the company evolved the logo and gave it a distinctive O, nicknamed the Blibbet after a cheese and bacon burger.

Although there was a petition to keep the Blibbet, logo designer Scott Baker thought better of it.  In 1987, he produced the current logo for Microsoft.

Nicknamed the “Pac-Man Logo” because of the slash in the ‘O’, it is now iconic and since its inception the only thing that has changed is the strapline.

So many brands have evolved their logos you could be reading this article for hours, here are a few iconic technology related brands that have transformed throughout the years.

Nokia 1965 – today

Canon 1934-today

What do you think about these journeys?

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