TV To Watch: Yonderland on Sky1

Martha Howe-Douglas as Debbie.

Fans of Horrible Histories and fans of things that are actually quite good to watch on a Sunday, rejoice! The six main players from Horrible Histories have combined forces and unleashed a show called Yonderland for Sky 1– and blimey, is it ever weird… but incredibly watchable.

The Premise

Mum-of-two Debbie (Martha Howe-Douglas) leads a pretty unassuming life: seeing her husband off to work, doing the school run, getting depressed watching daytime television – it’s all a bit tedious.

Until an elf materializes in her kitchen pantry. He informs her that she’s The Chosen One and promptly whisks her away through a portal to Yonderland, where she must help defeat the evil Negatus.


Why watch?

  • Yonderland manages to keep a good balance between entertaining the kids and entertaining the grown-ups.
  • It’s more from the Horrible Histories gang, who are all pretty amazing.
  • It’s on at a reasonable time (6.30 PM, Sky One, Sundays), so you can sit down with the kids and watch.
  • The first episodes go some way to redeem the appeal of puppets of television (if you happened to watch That Puppet Game Show, you know what I’m on about…)


What does it look like?

Like this.

Yonderland airs on Sky One every Sunday at 6.30.

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