Rubik’s Cube Light up your life!


Hello beloved friends/colleagues/family physicians! Aren’t you tired of your various geometrically-inclined puzzles going unseen in the dark recesses of your lair/mind? Do you yearn for the day that the postman will look past you to the glorious cube glowing on your mantelpiece and collapse in a … [Read more...]

Pac-ing light

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp-featuredimage

For the next stop on my trendy light-feature tour – which appears to be happening at the moment and features Light Stax and the Floating Light – I am looking at the officially licensed Pac-Man Ghost Lamp. As you might expect from a ghost-themed item, the lamp is super lightweight (get it? … [Read more...]

The Floating Light make-your-own lamp

Floating Light feature image 2

The Floating Light from SUCK UK is a rechargeable, waterproof light that you can plop into a glass of water to instantly amp up the ambience. I really shouldn’t get this excited over a tiny light, but I can’t help it! It’s just so… nifty. For one thing, it’s remarkably bright – like, … [Read more...]