1. Just a quick update: At some point the brushes got snarled up with sewing threads and the motor started squealing quite loudly. We cleared out all the brushes and cleaned the filters, but the noise is still there. The Airram still works, but it’s not so much fun now it makes such a high-pitched noise while it’s doing it. I will speak to manufacturers and find out what the problem might be.

      • I have the same problem, as have many others.
        Only had mine for a few weeks and not used it much.
        Before the screeching and rattling, I found that the vac filled too quickly due to the small dust compartments, and then it spits the dirt out.
        The battery life is shorter than advertised, and it needs attachments.
        They should spend the money they are using for TV adds, on improving the product.
        A good idea in theory, but the good reviews it got are a mystery.
        Too expensive or what it is methinks!
        How is your vac now Katie?

        • It’s all fine actually – no problems since that original breakdown. But you do have to keep on top of the hair and stringy things getting caught up in the rotating part (just like my mother’s old hoover when we were kids!) I don’t find the dirt tray gets full that quickly, but I use mine mainly for spot cleaning rather than doing the whole house. I still love it a lot.

          Get in touch with Gtech (via Twitter worked well for me) and they will arrange for it to be fixed. Once mine was fixed it’s been perfect.

  2. Have you tried dysons new dc 35 which is the same sort of thing as the gtec air but you do have attachments to do the nooks & crannies, but downside is you only get 15 mins of charge but i have found that time sufficient as it does move quite quickly & its used to keep on top of things ie like you say kitchen is a bit of attraction for debris x Ange x

    • I had the older model without all the bells and whistles. I liked it a lot, but I did find it heavy, and I’m totally sold on the Airram now.

    • What does it weigh Ange?
      Is it easy to push?

      I have no problem with a 15 minute charge.
      You can always get a spare, and switch them.

  3. Mine has started the high pitched noise. Although I registered the warranty I now can not find the receipt. I hope Gtech will look at it as it is too noisy to use at the moment!

    • I sent mine back and got a full refund.

      I bought a VAX upright cordless and it is great!

      Gtech will have your order on file, and will be able to work from that.

      Get the ref number on the vac plate. They may ask for it.

      Also if you paid by visa (or paypal) you will have a record on your statement.

      Ask them to collect it, if the offer to repair it.

      They will arrange that for you.

      This fault is an ongoing problem for them, so they are well aware.

      Good luck.

      The Vax is also a beautiful looking vac!

      “Vax U91-LF-B LiFE Cordless Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner”.

      I got mine from amazon £117.79, but you can deal with Vax UK direct, but they are more expensive!

  4. Can anyone help I need to remove the handle from my Gtech air ram to put it back in the box it wont budge I don’t know what I am doing wrong

    • Have you tried tweeting Gtech to ask them directly? They’re quite good at responding to that sort of thing.

    • Sounds like you put the handle in the wrong way round (as I did the first time I used it). I had to put something thin down the front to push in the button (which should normally poke out the hole at the back but obviously doesn’t do that when you put it in the wrong way round!)

  5. I love our AirRam but it got all tied up in fluff and all sorts of stuff, so it stopped working.. I have stripped it down and cleaned it all up so it works fine now except that the handle won’t stay upright when not in use. I also have a few bits left over (never a good sign)!

    Does anyone know where I can find an exploded parts diagram?


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