LEGO Minifigs Series 13 Out Now

There are some wonderful new figures in the group.

New series of LEGO Minifigures come along as frequently these days as Emmett minifigures when all you want is a WildStyle. Your poor depleted wallets and purses will hate you for it, but you'll definitely want to seek out some of these new figures, and like the last series, this group is also … [Read more...]

Bionicle is back!

New year, new Bionicle.

The new year is with us, and LEGO has taken the opportunity to resurrect its super cool Bionicle range. Just like the Marvel Superheroes sets, Bionicle is all about the big characters. Taking their inspiration from the elements, and other natural shapes and forms such as 'Stone' and 'Jungle', … [Read more...]