Arctic City LEGO sets. Out now!

Arctic LEGO review

Continuing the theme of bright LEGO sets, the Arctic City LEGO has arrived. In super strong oranges and blues, these snow-themed kits are bold and appealing. Marry that with the fact that they're all about exploration and adventure on the frozen wastes, and how can you fail? Taking big and … [Read more...]

Wearable tech to hack your fitness

Jawbone Up

I think I can safely speak for many of us when I say that I'm really not that good at keeping up my fitness. Aside from all the other stuff that needs doing in a day, counting steps and getting enough sleep are things that seem to just magically fall by the wayside, left to linger as I sit and drink … [Read more...]

What the hell is YouTube shipping?


Ever heard of shipping? Unless you're a YouTube or Tumblr addict, chances are this trend has passed you by. Shipping is where a community 'ships' together two together as a couple (shipping = relationshipping). Essentially, they post about how they'd love for those individuals to be together as a … [Read more...]

The best places to learn code

Dash screenshot

Ever since I tried the Hour of Code back in March my mind has kept on trickling back to the idea of coding. Every time I have to do a repetitive task I think ‘man, this would be so much easier if I could just input a repeat command into this’. It was because of this that I decided to try out a … [Read more...]