The parents of YouTube

Louise and Marie (Sprinkle of Glitter and Bits and Clips)

As our editor Katie can probably testify, having young kids is a bit like having a full-time and a half day job on top of your actual day job. Time becomes a myth, personal space stops existing and what the hell is that thing called "sleep" anyway? Sometimes, you need a reminder that you're not … [Read more...]

Shop spotlight: Genki Gear

Genki Gear Cupcake of Doom print

Recently, I attended Hyper Japan, the UK's biggest J-culture and anime convention (and it's seriously worth going to, if you've got a pair of comfortable shoes). There was, as you can imagine, plenty to do and to see - and in the way of geek fashion, it was heaven. It's where I fell head over … [Read more...]

Fun things to make with shrink plastic

LOLCat charm by Nooitaremybirthday on Craftster

To me, nothing reminds me more of arts and crafts time at school than making things in shrink plastic. The satisfaction of covering the sheet of plastic in your own designs and then seeing it shrink in the oven is one that I have actually yet to recreate in my adult life. It's one of the most … [Read more...]

One pen – 16,000,000+ colours

Effortlessly reproduces any colour

Today marks the Kickstarter release of Scribble – an amazing pen that can sample virtually any colour and reproduce it in ink… The gadget uses a colour sensor and microprocessor to pick up any colour you can get your hands on and mix the ink required to reproduce it. There is also an option to … [Read more...]

Film preview: Before I Go to Sleep

UK poster for Before I Go to Sleep, the adaptation of S.J. Watson's debut novel

It's turning out to be a vintage year for thriller adaptations, with Gone Girl hitting cinemas this autumn and this adaptation of S.J. Watson's debut novel coming out just before it. Before I Go to Sleep, released in 2011, told the story of a woman suffering from anterograde amnesia. Which means she … [Read more...]