Roomba vacuum cleaner review

iRobot Roomba Review

So, I'm a bit late to the Roomba party. They've been around for a good few years (and have led to the creation of this genius kitten video) but I've only recently got my hands on one. I got the opportunity last week to try out the latest model and being terribly lazy, I greeted the offer of a … [Read more...]

Rowenta Air Force: Dork Review

Rowenta Air Force Vaccum cleaner

I have a long-term hatred for cleaning the house. As much as I envy those people with pristine, pet hair-free homes, I'd rather spend my Sunday afternoons on the sofa watching a boxset then fluttering around the place with Mr Sheen. Sadly, cleaning is a vital chore for those that don't yearn to be a … [Read more...]