Sinbad: Series One Finale! – Dork Review

Sinbad: Series One Finale

Two years ago, Sky1’s controller said this of Sinbad: “Doctor Who is aimed at one type of family — our show will be for a younger, cooler family who like sexy, cool heroes.” My family never sat in the living room together marvelling at the sexiness of topless sailor chaps, but whatever floats your … [Read more...]

Sinbad: Episode Seven – Dork Review

Sinbad: Episode 7

This week on Sinbad, our relentlessly half-naked hero returns to Basra to confront the demons of the pilot episode, save his grandmother, kill the aspiring despot and... actually resolve most storylines. I allowed myself to hope this was the series finale, and the rumours of five more weeks had been … [Read more...]

Sinbad: Now Sailing on Sky – Dork Review

Sinbad cast - starring Elliot Knight

Last week, Sky1 debuted Sinbad, their new fantasy-adventure show in the vein of Doctor Who, Merlin and so forth. A group of misfits sail the seas, led by Elliot Knight as Sinbad, legendary sailor, cursed to die if he sets foot on land for more than a day and a night. So, is this a worthy addition … [Read more...]