Misfits: Series 4, Episode 1 – Dork Review

Misfits: Series 4Running a bit late with this review, sorry, was assembling an Ikea wardrobe. But nobody cares about that, let’s get down to it. The naughty Misfits are back, down to only one original cast member after losing Kelly between series, and they’ve got new characters to introduce and a paranoid heist mystery to solve.

Check out the new episode on 4OD, then get back here to see how they kick off yet another new era…

Community Service, Not 9-5

Many British shows suffer cast drift after a few years, unable to throw vast piles of cash at actors, whereas American networks ladle it over. Being Human has recently weathered a full cast turnover with surprising humour and grace – can Misfits do the same?

Seems to me, Howard Overman and the Misfits crew are handling their staff retention issues by turning into Spooks. The point of the show is no longer attachment to certain characters, more the guarantee of sweary comedy-superhero-drama, with the added thrill of knowing your favourite character could die or disappear at any moment.

It means Misfits will never be Breaking Bad or The Wire, thoughtful, character-based and planned to death, but Spooks ran for a literal decade because people liked the action, regardless of who was doing it. This could work. And, happily, they’re launching into it with a good episode.

Rudy’s Chainsaw Of Hilarity

We’ve got a start-in-the-middle mystery, introducing the characters and broad premise nicely for anyone new who has just joined in, although it does interestingly stop short of giving everyone a chance to show off their powers.

The two new kids, Jess and Finn, get power demos, with a lot of screentime, and they seem to have enough mileage to do a year or two before dying. The cliffhanger in particular has places to go, starting next week based on the trailer we saw.

And Rudy’s chainsaw was hilarious – in fact, yes, continuing from last year’s reviews, I love that guy. Seth seems like he’s kinda hanging around because they wanted someone else familiar on screen, presumably he either gets a direction or disappears soon. And both those two boys get some massively unsympathetic moments this week, although the excuse of brainwashing is provided.

In short, strong start. Could meander in the middle, last series certainly did, but I’m down with this for now. Back here next week, hopefully a shred more timely.

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