Primeval: Series 5 and Beyond!

Primeval: Series 5, Episode SixPrimeval, ITV’s attempt at courting the Doctor Who family action audience, returns to the channel on Saturday for a fifth series of dino-hunting! But the episodes will seem familiar to fans, as they were shown on Freeview channel Watch over a year ago and have been on DVD a while too.

So, what are the prospects for Primeval? Hannah Spearritt has helpfully been chatting about that very thing, as well as the show’s forthcoming Canadian spin-off series. No, seriously.

Primeval: Extinct?

Spearritt, speaking to TV Choice about the ITV broadcast of series five, admitted there’s been “no mention” of the show coming back, but it would be “lovely if it did carry on”. She added that she didn’t know it was “entirely fair” to make the fans wait a couple of years for a new series – Hannah, I assure you, people will wait longer than that for a show they genuinely love.

Not that I adore Primeval. It’s sometimes fun, but not so much so that its cancellation would upset me. In the meantime, I reviewed the fifth series as it aired on Watch, so if you want to watch along with me retrospectively on ITV, all the reviews are under the Primeval tag.

Primeval: New World

But while Primeval itself is verging on extinct, there is an emerging spin-off called Primeval: New World, in which a Canadian team of animal experts fight dinosaur incursions on their continent. It’s described as “older, darker and scarier” by one source, so hopefully we’re facing a Primeval version of Torchwood, up to and including human/dinosaur “relations”.

And that show, according to Wikipedia, will air in late 2012 on Watch, who now appear to be the official UK source for Primeval. Until then, with no series six on the horizon, enjoy those series five repeats, dino-fans!

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