Merlin – Another Series 5 Trailer!

It's time for another new Merlin trailer, less than a week after the last one. Strange promotional strategy, considering the boy wizard isn't back until autumn, yet Doctor Who returns in a few weeks but has only one trailer to its name. If they keep this up, we may have to stop reporting them as … [Read more...]

Doctor Who – New Series 7 Trailer!

Doctor Who - Series 7

The latest Doctor Who trailer has just appeared! With just over three weeks until the likely air date of August 25th, it was about time we saw some promo, and sure enough, here's a full 90 seconds of footage from the new episodes. Especially since we already had a trailer for Merlin, and that … [Read more...]

Merlin – New Series 5 Trailer!

Merlin: Series 5!

Merlin is coming back to BBC One this autumn, to regale us with Arthurian legend-mangling and tingling bromance. To start us getting excited already, they've released a new trailer, featuring sneak moments of the knights doing battle, Merlin and Arthur basically cuddling and yet more of Colin Morgan … [Read more...]

Primeval: Series 5 and Beyond!

Primeval: Series 5, Episode Six

Primeval, ITV’s attempt at courting the Doctor Who family action audience, returns to the channel on Saturday for a fifth series of dino-hunting! But the episodes will seem familiar to fans, as they were shown on Freeview channel Watch over a year ago and have been on DVD a while too. So, what … [Read more...]

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Doctor Who - Matt Smith & Elisabeth Sladen

So, I was scheduled to do a post in advance of Saturday’s new Doctor Who series. I was going to be excited about upcoming reviews, describe my ludicrously high expectations, all the stuff you might expect. But then, last night, we heard that Elisabeth Sladen, aka Sarah Jane Smith of both Who and … [Read more...]