Merlin – Another Series 5 Trailer!

Merlin: Series 5!It’s time for another new Merlin trailer, less than a week after the last one. Strange promotional strategy, considering the boy wizard isn’t back until autumn, yet Doctor Who returns in a few weeks but has only one trailer to its name.

If they keep this up, we may have to stop reporting them as news, but for now, keep reading for another 1.5 minutes of Arthurian antics.

“Arthur’s Bane” – Merlin/Batman Crossover?

A lot of footage is repeated from the last trailer, but we get extra shots of the Knights of the Round Table, Liam Cunningham in his guest role and an extended speech revealing the existence of “Arthur’s bane”. Who knows how this relates to the Batman villain Bane, but if he breaks Arthur’s back and forces a religious fanatic to take his place, that will be one hell of a comics homage.

(Reference to the Batman KnightFall story in which Bane first appeared. Apologies to those of you I’ve lost completely.)

Anyway. There’s also a shot of Morgana’s new supervillain look in series five up on Digital Spy, taking the fur + cleavage approach to evil. And the trailer itself is… below. Feel free to share your excitement or Batman jokes in the comments.

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