Merlin: With All My Heart – Dork Review

Merlin: With All My Heart

This week, Merlin finally brings an end to the Evil Gwen storyline, after weeks of confusion. Not to mention, dragons, cross-dressing, Emrys and the awful knowledge that, yes, the series ends at Christmas, so anything could happen as we build to a climax. Sounds like With All My Heart must be … [Read more...]

Merlin Ends With Series Five – Dork Reaction

Last night, suddenly, the BBC announced that Merlin would conclude at the end of the current series five. You can see the full statement on CultBox, but it includes all the pleasantries you'd expect: The show had a good run, but this was their time, we must stand by their bedside and hold in our … [Read more...]

Merlin: The Hollow Queen – Dork Review

Merlin: The Hollow Queen

When we left our Merlin heroes, Evil Queen Gwen was trying her utmost to kill Arthur, whilst Merlin and Gaius slowly twigged that something wasn't right. This week: could it be more of the same? Will we get a straight explanation for Gwen's evilitude? Or will Arthur simply get naked with an old … [Read more...]

Merlin: A Lesson In Vengeance – Dork Review

Merlin: A Lesson In Vengeance

Last week on Merlin, an epic desert slog happened, climaxing in Gwen’s badly set-up turn to the dark side. But all is not lost, they could still push on to better stories with Evil Gwen, and they’re going to have a go right now. So, will she kill the King? Best watch the episode on iPlayer to … [Read more...]

Merlin: The Dark Tower – Dork Review

Merlin: The Dark Tower

This week, Merlin chills out with Stephen King's Dark Tower novels for the entire length of the episode, whilst Arthur comically blunders about the place, wondering where his servant has gone. Hijinks ensue. Neither Morgana nor Mordred appear. Obviously, that (mostly) isn't true. But what does … [Read more...]

Merlin: The Disir – Dork Review

Merlin: The Disir

After last week's slightly vacant episode, which could've happened in almost any series, Merlin hits the series five button hard this week to compensate, centring on Mordred's presence in Camelot and the looming prophecy that he will kill Arthur. What depths of depravity will this drive his loyal … [Read more...]