Torchwood: Miracle Day – Episode 4 – Dork Review

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Episode FourEver watched one of those news broadcasts after something catastrophic has happened, where the reporter tries to become a poet, describing events in emotive, melodramatic prose, restarting the obvious again and again, never reaching a conclusion or making a valid point?

Well, Torchwood: Miracle Day was beginning to remind me of that. Surely, with this fourth episode, it’s time to lever out of the rut?

Oswald Danes Vs Political Apathy

Happily, I thought this was a decent improvement because, unlike the case study above, things tangibly happened. Both Oswald Danes and our heroes take positive action in their storylines, rather than hanging around looking ominous whilst talking heads feed us stats.

The Danes storyline, in particularly, finally started to click for me here. Before now, his status as paedo messiah appeared to come from nowhere, but he finally takes a position and starts standing for something here, and I like the idea of The Dead as a new group within society. Oh, and his scenes with Lauren Ambrose’s sleazy PR girl are lovely; she gains a little depth, yet still takes all the best lines.

Torchwood Vs Geometry

Meanwhile, the ramshackle Torchwood team’s investigation of PhiCorp leads to more elaborate breaking and entering. Happily, it’s more exciting this week, more risk and more rewards. Still, it might be best to do something other than breaking into facilities soon?

Oh, and we get the first glimpse of the possible series villain: a talking triangle. I was under the impression Torchwood went to America because they promised them more money for the effects budget? Hopefully it will unveil the square on its hypotenuse next week.

Esther Drummond Vs Meaninglessness

Next: Esther Drummond, who I’ve been mocking every week for being tedious, unmemorable and sappier than a tree with a leak. Well, she does something at last. It’s not a constructive something, in fact she advances from dullness to outright liability, but at least it’s a role for her in the script.

But I won’t let the boring blonde deter me – this was a better episode. More focus and direction, good lines, even a sense of danger to the main characters, impressive when the premise is that no-one can die. I hope this is the end of the slow set-up and Miracle Day can finally achieve greatness. Watch the episode on iPlayer, and let us know if you share this hope for a better tomorrow.

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