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Sinbad: For Whom The Egg ShattersPart of me has been enjoying the escalating despair “oh god woe is me” tone whilst reviewing Sky’s Sinbad, I must admit. But this week, much as I’d love to rant and whine for 400 words, they produced an episode that… wasn’t that bad, as these things go.

Don’t get me wrong, still not amazing, at least one scene kinda awful, but I can’t pretend the whole thing was a farce in good conscience. So, here we go. Positivity. Oh yeah.

So Sinbad, It’s Good

In fact, much like the last Sinbad episode I was broadly positive about, this is a semi-horror effort set on board their ship, as the crew find themselves confined with something nasty. They do alright with this material, perhaps because the lack of warmth and humour they’ve cultivated works better against a grim, moody story.

Damning with faint praise, I know, but the decent special effects, low lighting and, yes, acting by the actors do help us buy into their fear. The justification for the situation is confusing and the characters must be desperate to get themselves into this mess, but still, the claustrophobia works, there’s a reveal about the monster I found genuinely creepy and the solution seemed fair .

This could win the Sinbad Olympics. Not since that Old Man episode or the very first one have I found so little to complain about.

Tiger: Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Exotic Niece?

Obviously there’s still something. Mainly: the scene where Cook refuses to abandon ship due to not fleeing his destiny or something, so they all end up staying. It’s played as an emotional moment, but it comes across as: “We could’ve thought up a mundane reason to keep them on the boat, but instead let’s have the sole Asian character do some spiritual-sounding claptrap!”

This is what I get for spending weeks waiting for Cook to get a storyline: he gets a rubbish one with no build-up. But that aside, I will admit the episode worked within itself. Well, okay, Tiger The Bounty Hunter announcing she was “raised by tigers” is ridiculous, and For Whom The Egg Shatters is a terrible title. And is it possible we aren’t headed for a Be Careful What You Wish For storyline with Sinbad pursuing his dead brother?

Still, even if we are inevitably going to see Sinbad decapitating his zombie brother in the series finale, this episode itself wasn’t too awful. Two more to go! Is anyone watching this except me? Did you think this was a step up?

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