Is Hal possessed or just crazy? Being Human S5E4 – Dork Review

Being Human: The Greater GoodIn last week’s Being Human, Tom met another werewolf and felt like an underdog. (Pun intended.) This week, another wolf-man is following him around like a starry-eyed fan. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, Hal is trying to serve as an example too, for crusty-mouthed vampire Crumb. And it’s nearly the end of the series, so things probably won’t go well. Spoilers lurk, watch on iPlayer.

Captain Devil And The Supporting Players

A few weeks back, I asked why Hal didn’t just kill Crumb. In the light of The Greater Good, Crumb’s final episode, it still seems weird, although they do their best to justify it through his desperation and guilt. I’m just not sure they’ve necessarily sold Hal’s closeness to the edge well enough to make the jump so quickly. Maybe if they had more episodes.

But this one still has some fine moments, threading the comedy/drama needle with the usual skill. And Rook, after a few weeks as floating bit player, is finally driven over the edge by the Tory government, coming close to aligning himself with Captain Devil, still played with disgusting glee by Phil Davis.

This episode does feel the most like a moving part of the series, rather than a story in its own right – there’s an effort to make it feel like a single entity thanks to Bobby The Werewolf, but the way he’s quickly shuffled off at the end does leave you with the feeling he never mattered that much. Still, his scenes with Tom were as funny and heartwarming as you’d hope.


If I sound harsh, it’s because this is one of my favourite series currently running, and unfortunately with elevated position come higher standards. This is a good episode, a lot of well-pitched scenes, all the cast utilised, a range of subplots being juggled – yeah, you couldn’t really say it was “bad”.

And with only two to go, it looks like Hal has pulled an Angelus. Do his mental problems extend beyond OCD to genuine good/evil schizoprenia? Well, I’m interested to see Damian Molony having fun playing bad guy, so count me in.

Also a bit nervous that we could be headed for a genuinely sad ending, but Being Human has been a reliably funny show for the most part, so perhaps they won’t did into outright tragedy. On the other hand, at least if they did go miserable, I would definitely care. Dug my own grave there, didn’t I?

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