On such a run of form, even the mid-series filler episodes are good… Being Human S5E3 – Dork Review

Being Human: PIe And PrejudiceSo, they’ve cancelled Being Human. Since I’ve really been enjoying the show, I‘m dismayed by this choice, but life goes on. This week, Tom takes on a disappointing mentor, whilst Hal plays a similar role to a regency-styled ghost.

And if that sounds like a tangent to the main plot, well, it may not be as simple as you think. Spoilers to follow, watch it on iPlayer if need be.

The Return Of The Groovy Ghoulie?

Long-term fans of the show have seen this kind of story before: a stranger turns the heroes against each other by spreading lies. Hell, the Devil was doing it last week (and is taking anepisode off), there was a whole mediocre episode on these lines last series. Happily, Pie And Prejudice is much better: no-one has to be uncharacteristically mean or stupid for it to work.

Tom has always been played as gullible and easy to please, so it makes sense that he’d be taken in, for a while at least, and he does show the intelligence to start seeing through Larry. Not to mention, the others don’t buy it. And then the ending, of course, when in it becomes clear that this wasn’t a filler story but possibly the start of Hal’s descent back to villainhood.

And this is one way the upcoming grand finale works in their favour: it could happen. Maybe he will turn evil or die. Still three episodes to go; imagine how many people he could slaughter in that time.

Evil Gwen Worse Than Devil, No-One Surprised

Lady Mary’s storyline felt odd at times, mostly a comedy subplot while Tom got the emotional scenes, but at the end, with Hal’s twist, they pulled it into relevancy. I gotta admit, I was all prepped to write a review along the lines of “not bad, bit disjointed”, but no. A great standalone piece and, unexpectedly, maybe a real turning point in the ongoing plot.

It’s easy to get annoyed when a show is coming to an end and much of the final series is spent on circling the same old ground or churning out filler. The Evil Gwen rubbish during the recent final run of Merlin was annoying for that very reason. But based on its first half, the conclusion of Being Human is shaping up to be a highly directed charge to the finish. Go team.

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