Being Human: The Trinity – Dork Review

Being Human: The Trinity

Last year, I wrote nice things about Being Human series four. Despite running out of cast members and starting almost from scratch, they made it work. The replacements were likeable, the plots worked, Mark Gatiss was in it – one of their best series yet, a nice surprise. So, now it's time to do … [Read more...]

Being Human: The War Child – Dork Review

Being Human: The War Child

After eight weeks, eight reviews, multiple new housemates and, yes, a surprising amount of positivity, it’s time for the Being Human finale review. What will happen? Will it be exactly what I’ve been predicting for the past three weeks, or merely a bit like it? And, more to the point, are there … [Read more...]

Being Human: Puppy Love – Dork Review

Being Human: Puppy Love

This week on Being Human, love is in the air. And not just for werewolf Tom, as hinted brutally by the episode title, but even Hal is making a neurotic, confused attempt. Well, “making an attempt” might be misleading; it seems to be forced upon him. Nonetheless, romance is blooming. But is it … [Read more...]