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Being Human: Making HistoryIt’s nearly all over for new Being Human, not to mention human civilisation, by the look of things. The Old Ones are coming, a future ghost version of Eve is kicking around, Hal has accidentally drunk some Evil Juice that turns him immediately Evil, it’s all going down this week.

So what does this episode bring us? Will we ever get answers?

Exposition Power

As is often the case in the first half of two-part finales, the bulk of this episode’s run time is taken up explaining stuff. Mysteries that have been hinted at throughout the series are dragged out into the light, poked, described and then left standing in all their glory, ready to do something cool next week.

Well, that’s not entirely fair, there is some plot advancement at the end, including the arrival of superstar Mark Gatiss as an Old One, prompting cries of “Oh man, why couldn’t we have had him as the villain for the whole year?” from my chair.

But much of this is given over to Future Eve explaining her masterplan and motivation, and Evil Cutler doing the same, only he gets the aid of a few flashbacks. There are some nice visual moments with Eve’s future landscape, and Hal’s thread is thankfully pretty interesting, otherwise this would be quite dry.

Damien Molony as Hal is doing a lot to make the ambiguity work, and pleasantly manages to make it seem sufficiently different to when Mitchell spent three years doing this storyline.

Ghost Rage

Now, I know you all wait for these, time for the “How Much Did Annie Annoy Me?” update. And the answer is: not an awful lot, mostly because she did almost nothing except passively listen to Eve ramble.

More interestingly, though, this episode provides not one but two new female ghosts who could join the housemates next year, in the event that my prediction of recent weeks comes true and Annie does not survive the series finale. So, do you guys think Future Eve or Alex are regular cast material?

And that’s it, really. A serviceable, if uneventful, episode, with a few well-envisaged squeamish gore moments. At the end of the day, it all depends how they bring it together next week. Check out this episode on iPlayer, then join me back here to find out.

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