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Being Human: Puppy LoveThis week on Being Human, love is in the air. And not just for werewolf Tom, as hinted brutally by the episode title, but even Hal is making a neurotic, confused attempt. Well, “making an attempt” might be misleading; it seems to be forced upon him.

Nonetheless, romance is blooming. But is it entertaining romance, or the dull angsty kind?

OK Vampire Dot Com

After Tom got shoved to one side in the previous episode, here he takes the lead with his bemused attempt to romance a geeky, awkward teenage werewolf debate champion. And yet, he still ends up being the more naive, virginal partner in the relationship, which is one of the reasons we love him.

Hal, meanwhile, theoretically knows what to do with the opposite sex, but finds his self-imposed regime of neuroses get in the way rather. For fans of New Being Human, this is a very good episode for both new housemates, letting them strut their stuff with relatively little in the way of shouty peril or distracting guest stars.

For those who like their heroes more effortlessly cool and less shuffling, awkward and confused, this might be a shining example of everything that’s wrong with Being Human nowadays, but as a big fan of the flatmate comedy and cute character moments, I thought it was utterly charming.

Cross-Generational Ghost Dating

Meanwhile, Annie gets stuck with the ghost of an old man, after she accidentally kills him. Fair enough, really. And, for the second week running, I didn’t find her storyline particularly annoying – is Stockholm Syndrome finally starting to set in?

This could be a good time to make me like Annie, as her final scenes with Emrys The Ghost make me even more certain of my theory that her days are numbered. It could still be one big double-bluff, but I suspect not. Once one original cast member goes on these shows, sometimes the rest fall like dominoes.

But if we do lose Annie, as long as we still have Hal and Tom, I’d be happy to come back next year, which is quite an achievement for a show like this. And now that we’ve had one last fun episode, past form dictates that it’s time for a two-part series finale, so let’s bring on the misery.

Were you charmed by Puppy Love? Check out the episode on iPlayer and let us know below.

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