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Being Human: Hold The Front PageIt’s hormones and cross-age antics in this week’s Being Human, as Adam The 47-Year Old Teenage Vampire returns to blur the line between adolescence and middle age.  Last week’s episode was a bit disappointing, to tell the truth, so will some dirty jokes from reliable old Adam get us back on track?

Or is the honeymoon period officially over for the new housemates?

We Love You Adam, We Do

The writers are starting off on good terms with me, as I really enjoyed Adam’s last appearance, not to mention Becoming Human, his teen-spinoff of the Being Human concept. That entire series seems to still be online, so check it out if you didn’t watch it last year.

But, pleasingly, they don’t just shove Adam back on and expect me to be happy, there’s a storyline here too. Admittedly, one that somewhat resembles last week’s episode. Not in a bad way, just in terms of a stranger turning up at the house and causing squabbling.

Still, the overt brainwashing make it much easier to swallow, and this one veers off in its direction by the halfway mark. Adam is on good form too, filthy yet poignant as ever.

Blood, Romance & Other Housemate Chores

Hal’s dilemmas were well-handled, as we finally see him forced to stare blood in the face. So to speak. Fans of Tom may be sad to hear he is rather sidelined, but his scene as Annie’s meat-puppet is amusing, and his attempt at romance as endearingly cack-handed as you’d expect. Poor Tom.

Annie, surprisingly, didn’t annoy me at all, which regular readers will know is… unusual. They managed to put her in the maternal role they’ve been trying all series, without being overbearing or irritating. Good work, guys. I have a theory that she’ll die at the end of this run, so another three good episodes and I may feel sad.

Oh, and Evil Cuttler’s storyline still skirts around our heroes. I’m enjoying his acting, but confused by the plot. At least when he was talking to other vampires, we could see what set him apart. Not sure what he’s achieving now, but it appears he’ll be taking a more direct hand next week. Also, after the amusing “A Spectre Calls” and “The Graveyard Shift”, this episode has a disappointingly dull title.

Nonetheless, a good comeback after last week’s slight wobble. Hopefully that was a mere blip, because if we get a good run to the end now, this could be my favourite series of Being Human yet. Check the episode out on iPlayer and let us know if you enjoyed it too.

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