Being Human: The War Child – Dork Review

Being Human: The War Child

After eight weeks, eight reviews, multiple new housemates and, yes, a surprising amount of positivity, it’s time for the Being Human finale review. What will happen? Will it be exactly what I’ve been predicting for the past three weeks, or merely a bit like it? And, more to the point, are there … [Read more...]

Being Human: Puppy Love – Dork Review

Being Human: Puppy Love

This week on Being Human, love is in the air. And not just for werewolf Tom, as hinted brutally by the episode title, but even Hal is making a neurotic, confused attempt. Well, “making an attempt” might be misleading; it seems to be forced upon him. Nonetheless, romance is blooming. But is it … [Read more...]

Being Human: A Spectre Calls – Dork Review

Being Human: A Spectre Calls

After a few weeks of new Being Human cast bonding, with relatively little danger, it’s time for them to face their first actual threat. Can’t really dispute their logic– much as I enjoy the housemate banter, this isn’t a sitcom. So, here comes a manipulative ghost from the 1970s. But is the … [Read more...]

Being Human: Eve Of The War – Dork Review

Being Human: Eve Of The War

They’re back! The vampire/ghost/werewolf flatshare drama Being Human is on BBC Three again, but a lot has changed. Well, not for Annie the ghost, she’s still dead, but everything else OH MY GOD. Like many British dramas before them, Being Human are throwing out the baby, the bathwater, the bath and … [Read more...]

Being Human: Series 3, Episode 1 – Dork Adore

Being Human: Series 3, Episode 1

The third series of Being Human, the BBC’s #1 supernatural houseshare comedy-drama, begins. And they’ve got a cliffhanger to follow up from last year, a new setting to launch and more werewolves than a whole shop full of cheap horror DVDs. Suddenly, the series has also started attracting a much … [Read more...]