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Being Human: The Graveyard ShiftAfter last week’s semi-pilot for new-look Being Human, this week it’s time to get on with life. And, for poor Vampire Hal, that means getting a job and joining the 9-5 grind so he can help keep baby Eve in nappies. Thank god Being Human’s vampires don’t burst into flames in sunlight, or these storylines wouldn’t work at all.

Anyway, that aside, how was the second week of Hal’s evaluation period?

Last Stop: Cafe Of Doom

This is the second week running that Being Human has focused a lot more on providing zippy cast banter and jokes than on the serious business of being brooding and gothic, and this pleases me immensely, as I found it very hard to care about most of the characters last year (except George, obviously) because they were all obviously so bad for each other.

So yes, this is mostly an hour of Hal and Tom bonding over cafe servitude, and the banter between those two has swiftly become my main reason to watch. Michael Socha (aka Tom) wasn’t always great last year, but he’s a bit more relaxed now, and has a more rounded character to work with.

Obviously, they can’t squabble forever, but the friction between the earthy Tom and “Lord Harry” should be fun to watch unfold. I really don’t miss the missing three characters at all. How strange.

Thoughts Go Right Through Annie’s Ghost Brain

Annie, meanwhile, is bonding with the vampire librarian played by Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter. They had some good scenes together too, although her annoying side was in evidence a few times, such as when she took that baby to a big open park, alone. Or decided to run away with a vampire she barely knows.

I can’t exactly accuse the writers of “making Annie stupid” or writing her out of character, because she is consistently thick, but that doesn’t make it any less irritating.

Ah well. Despite Annie’s reliable idiocy, I’m still enjoying this golden new era of Being Human. A little bit concerned it will all crumble away once the female Terminator shows up (seen briefly in previous episodes) to start this year’s big grim storyline, but we’ll have to wait and see. For now, it’s all good. Check the episode out on iPlayer and let us know how you find it.

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