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Being Human: Being Human 1955In New Being Human this week, it’s time to introduce vampire Hal, replacing for long-term bloodsucker Mitchell. Will he meet the same standards of handsome brooding, blood-sucking and looking a bit homeless?

Or, after three years of Mitchell moping, will we finally get some entertainment? And can they make the cast-shuffling a bit more watchable than last week?

Vampire Hal Lives In Essex, Has Surprisingly Posh Accent

We got snatches of it last time, but both the episode and the title make it explicit: Hal has been living in lovely Southend with his own vampire/ghost/werewolf spin-off household. You can see how he met Leo the werewolf in this online prelude if you’re excited by backstory. And anyway, his domestic bliss is predictably shattered over the course of this episode.

Because, yes, the underlying knowledge that Hal will be joining the gang makes it obvious what’s going to happen, so this could have been another episode of quite clunky admin. I was ready to just paste in last week’s review and go back to bed.

But surprisingly, this was really enjoyable for me. It helps that I’m far more entertained by the flatmate comedy aspect of Being Human than the gothic angst, but still, this was fun, watchable, enough serious tension to provide drama. I’m enjoying Hal’s slightly more repressed, measured attempts to keep his bloodlust in check, as well as his aggressive detente with Tom.

Werewolf Leo Dying In Bed, Contradicts Self

Elsewhere, Annie’s nervous attempts to be everyone’s mother now that all her friends are gone were sweetly endearing, as well as her one-up games with Pearl, and she only really irritated me a couple of times in the whole episode. That’s a good average for her.

Although Leo did experience a bit of plot senility when he both sent Hal to a shop to bond with Tom and declared that the vampire should never be allowed anywhere near other people. Obviously he’s dying, but still, try and be consistent. I’m sure the boy werewolf could’ve retrieved the ring himself.

Still, petty niggles aside, this was a good episode. Who knows whether they’ll keep being this entertaining once the inevitable Vampire War storyline gets going, but as a pilot for the new era, this was much more convincing than last week. If anything, new viewers should probably just write that one off as a service for old fans and start watching here. Here it is on iPlayer, if you wanted to do that.

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