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Being Human: Eve Of The WarThey’re back! The vampire/ghost/werewolf flatshare drama Being Human is on BBC Three again, but a lot has changed. Well, not for Annie the ghost, she’s still dead, but everything else OH MY GOD. Like many British dramas before them, Being Human are throwing out the baby, the bathwater, the bath and the bidet.

So, what was the transitional episode like? How are we feeling about the new era? And yes, there will be spoilers. Run now.

The Being Human Resources Department

Not only do they have to follow up the death of Mitchell last year, after one of the longest and most inevitable write-outs I’ve ever seen, but Russell Tovey’s George is heartbreakingly gone after only one more episode, although his final scene was lovely and I shed a small tear, even if he did go out looking rather silly in half-wolf mode. His poor girlfriend Nina didn’t even get that far though, killed off between series. And remember that Wyndham dude they spent the end of the last finale introducing? Dead, off-screen.

Man. At some point, this show should ask themselves why people keep walking out on them. But for now, we have a lot of admin, as the writers explains away multiple departures and set up the new status quo. Including a few clips of previously unseen spin-off Being Human: Seafront Edition, to introduce new vampire Hal.

Of course, he doesn’t meet the rest of the cast yet, so next week could be largely set-up as well, but hopefully it’ll feel fresher. This one did have the unfortunate job of tying up a lot of old baggage.

Tom And George Go Dogging

Even if the episode was a bit leaden, there were enjoyable moments setting up new dynamics, especially Tom and his puppyish need for acceptance. Although he had most of his character-building scenes with George, who’s now dead, which builds my theory that next week will be the proper pilot for All-New Being Human.

So what does that make this, then? An extended version of those preludes they post online? They also began a vampire-war storyline, which could go either way, although I’m baffled by the logic of the final sequence: the bumbling vampire wanted to save the baby, after he himself created the dangerous situation? Eh?

A bit of a clunky episode in itself, then, more interesting for what it sets up for future weeks than anything it does itself. Still, probably necessary, and hopefully leaves us free for better later. Check the episode out on iPlayer, and let us know what you think of All-New Being Human so far. You should be able to catch the episode on iPlayer shortly, if you need another go to be sure.

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