Spooks: Series 9, Episode 5 – Dork Review

Spooks - Series Nine, Episode Five, featuring Max Brown as DimitriIt’s time for “Protect the peace talks”, a Spooks plot that dates back to the dark ages. It exists in many forms, including “Protect the state visit” and “Protect the sensitive meeting”, but the point is that some international occasion happens in London, so our MI5 heroes are pressed into working as event security.

This is certainly a rendition of a horary old formula, but at least it’s the first time this series, and there are repeated hints that the messianic President Obama might be involved. So, how was it? Did it live up to previous outings? Are the rumours true about Dimitri finally getting something to do?

Spy Fiction & Science Fiction

Part and parcel of these stories is at least one member of the Spooks team going undercover at the event itself, and here Beth and Dimitri both get shoved in there. Presumably, as in all workplaces, MI5 give the tasks no-one else wants to the new kids.

This is probably Dimitri’s first really major role in an episode, and actor Max Brown milks it. There’s even a brief moment where it looks like he might do the full James Bond and seduce a female negotiator, but sadly he doesn’t get time. I allowed myself an indulgent chuckle when Harry confirmed that Dimitri’s main character trait is “habitual good cheer”, since I said that in my last Spooks review.

The plot itself has enough twists to stop me being bored, although they may seem familiar to long-time Spooks viewers. Part of me wishes they’d try a bit harder to surprise us. Also, even by their standards, this episode has some improbable seeming moments. I’ll refrain from describing them, as they spoil the climax, but I found myself sceptical at least twice.

Yes, I know it’s not a documentary.

Soap Opera & Lack Of Same

Meanwhile, the Lucas North soap opera storyline… takes a week off, for the most part. Our hero gets to focus on being heroic, although based on the trailer for next week, it looks like this was his last chance to do that before a subplot explodes all over his face.

In short, this was a watchable episode, although didn’t contain much Spooks hasn’t done before, repeatedly. The sense of genuine threat was minimal and, despite multiple hints, Obama did not appear onscreen. So perhaps it was a little unremarkable. But if you’re following Spooks anyway, it’s definitely worth watching on BBC iPlayer, and commenting below if anything leaps out at you.

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  1. Etniks says

    I want to comment on episode #161 showing in the US at PBS.
    A Czech banker backed up by the Russian mafia is not only taking down a failing UK bank, but his wish is to jump start the collapse of capitalism itself.
    Rose has infiltrated this financial tycoon’s inner circle and listens to his explanation as to why he despises the bankers who are at the service of the world’s oligarchs and have no heart for the masses of people. He explains he appears as “one of them” but inside is waiting to find the right moment to take all the Capitalist corrupt, selfish system down and this is the moment.

    BBC seems more than once to be in the business of “vaccinating” the audience using true valid arguments for the “bad” characters in some of episodes, but twisting and spinning it in order to always find a way to present the Status Quo as t5he “good” guys, even if the “bad” characters are actually proposing something valid.

    For BBC to do this especially on the wake of the scandalous behavior by the blood sucking financial sector, IS INADMISSIBLE!!

    The truth is as described by the “bad” character who explained Capitalism will destroy itself, don’t matter how much BBC spins it and attempts to brain wash its audience.

    For anyone who understands how the fractional reserve system works, understands this current system of creating currency as debt is absolutely unsustainable, and it’s the root of the bubbles and crashes orchestrated at will by the Money Masters, the international financial oligarchs who control the PRIVATE central banks in UK and the US and more.

    • says

      I know nothing about finance whatsoever, and only have a vague memory of that episode. BUT in terms of using true valid arguments for the villains, it's generally better writing if the villains have a viewpoint that is valid and makes sense, even if they use extreme methods to enforce it. If they're only doing it because they're EVIL, Spooks would be even less realistic than it is now.

  2. Andy says

    Do the production team actually proof read anything as it looks like they may need a dictionary, when the president's plane lands at STANSTED, the text on the screen spells “STANSTEAD” incorrectly!!

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