Spooks: Series 10, Episode 3 – Dork Review

Spooks: Max Brown as Dimitri

It’s tough being a B-level spy on long-running BBC MI5 drama Spooks. You cruise along for months with nothing to do except chase people and mutter about it, safe in the knowledge that one day you’ll be killed off to make a major storyline seem important. But once every year or so, you get a … [Read more...]

Spooks: Series 9, Episode 5 – Dork Review

Spooks - Series Nine, Episode Five, featuring Max Brown as Dimitri

It’s time for “Protect the peace talks”, a Spooks plot that dates back to the dark ages. It exists in many forms, including “Protect the state visit” and “Protect the sensitive meeting”, but the point is that some international occasion happens in London, so our MI5 heroes are pressed into working … [Read more...]