Spooks: Series 9, Episode 6 – Dork Review

Spooks - Series Nine, Episode Six - Richard Armitage as Lucas North

The end of the series is poking over the horizon in Spooks, so it’s time to yank tightly on that Lucas subplot that’s been bubbling under the whole time. As our rugged hero acts steadily more unhinged to keep his secrets, the rest of the team get on with the dull task of protecting the nation and … [Read more...]

Spooks: Series 9, Episode 5 – Dork Review

Spooks - Series Nine, Episode Five, featuring Max Brown as Dimitri

It’s time for “Protect the peace talks”, a Spooks plot that dates back to the dark ages. It exists in many forms, including “Protect the state visit” and “Protect the sensitive meeting”, but the point is that some international occasion happens in London, so our MI5 heroes are pressed into working … [Read more...]

Spooks: Series 9, Episode 4 – Dork Review

Spooks - Series Nine, Episode Four

In these last couple of weeks, Spooks appears to have been pushing a subtle Cold War anti-Communist agenda. After last week’s episode saw them face down the Russians, this time the Chinese are coming. Red Terror lives! Next week: the Cubans? Tragically uninformed political commentary aside, this … [Read more...]

Spooks: Series 9, Episode 3 – Dork Review

Spooks - Series Nine, Episode Three, with Peter Firth as Harry

This week, at last, Spooks throws caution to the wind and gives us a ridiculous plot involving a high-speed chase, the whole of London at risk and one of those deadly nerve agents that seem alarmingly common in Spooksland. If this was meant to be a deadly serious espionage drama, this would be an … [Read more...]

Spooks: Series 9, Episode 2 – Dork Review

Spooks - Series Nine, Episode Two with Sophia Myles

As if Spooks didn’t already suffer from conspiracy storylines that make little sense, this week’s tangled web is presented from multiple perspectives, in a loose homage to Rashomon. Of course, it’s always worthy of praise when an established series tries something a little bit different. Creative … [Read more...]

Spooks – Series Nine Death Pool

Spooks logo

The BBC’s Spooks has always been a cruel gig for its characters. Ever since then-famous Holby City actress Lisa Faulkner had her head stuffed in a deep fat fryer in episode two, the show has enjoyed a reputation for writing out cast members at a rate that would cause other series to be crippled by … [Read more...]

Spooks: Series 9, Episode 1 – Dork Review

Spooks - Series nine, episode one

Spooks is back! One of the few action dramas to last on British television without being aimed at the “family” audience, I never stop enjoying it on some primal level. Yes, it long ago abandoned any pretence at realism, but usually balances itself just right on the barrier between fun and serious … [Read more...]