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Spooks logoThe BBC’s Spooks has always been a cruel gig for its characters. Ever since then-famous Holby City actress Lisa Faulkner had her head stuffed in a deep fat fryer in episode two, the show has enjoyed a reputation for writing out cast members at a rate that would cause other series to be crippled by strike action.

Last year, in series eight, the MI5 Murder Machine went into overdrive, with the loss of Malcolm (at least they didn’t kill him), Jo (finally, I hated her) and Ros (I will never forgive them). So, we’re now one episode into series nine, who are the good bets for death this year? Surely there has to be at least one? Let’s take a scan through the cast.

Harry Pearce (aka Peter Firth)

The only one still here from the very start, and thus surely a prime candidate. But Harry is Spooks in many ways, the one constant, and I can’t help but feel that once he goes, Section D’s days may finally be numbered. On the other hand, they’ve been teasing Harry losing the faith or retiring for a while now, so maybe it’s time.

Chances Of Survival: The Weight Of History

Lucas North (aka Richard Armitage)

To us long-term viewers, it feels like Lucas has barely arrived, but this is his third year, making him a grizzled old veteran in Spooks terms. Like previous alpha male Adam Carter, they seem to enjoy putting Lucas through the most tortured emotional wringer possible, and it looks like this series will be no different. Maybe he’ll end up swinging from the rafters by the final week.

Chances Of Survival: Plummeting Off A Cliff, Weeping

Ruth Evershed (aka Nicola Walker)

Another long-serving character, albeit with a lengthy sabbatical in the middle. If they are planning on retiring Harry, killing off Ruth would be one way of doing it, thanks to their disturbing ongoing flirtation that I don’t like to talk about. And I wouldn’t mind awfully; I quite liked her back in the day, but since her comeback she does little but exchange meaningful glances with Sir Pearce.

Chances Of Survival: If Wishing Made It So

Tariq Masood (aka Shazad Latif)

The young trendy version of Malcolm, who spent Monday’s episode dressed as a schoolboy for no obvious reason. Is that what the kids do nowadays? Anyway, you’d think his status as team nerd gave him immunity, but poor geeky Colin had one of the most upsetting Spooks deaths a few years back. Still, Tariq’s quite new, so I imagine that won’t happen yet.

Chances Of Survival: Fully Backed Up

Beth & Dimitri (aka Sophia Myles & Max Brown)

Taking these two at once, as they are both new and also because this is getting a bit long. Generally the new characters get a year or two risk-free, although tell that to poor, dead Ben Kaplan. Of course, there are rumours that this ninth series could be the last, in which case either or both of them could be merrily slaughtered. But barring that, I imagine they’ll make the start of series ten.

Chances Of Survival: Beginner’s Luck

So, there you have it. Readers, do you agree with these predictions? Who do you expect to see killed? More to the point, who do you want to see killed?

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  1. says

    I kind of hope it's Ruth. She used to be cool. She's now a bit…wet.

    After the trauma of losing the gorgeous Adam, I don't think I could cope with the loss of Lucas too.

    (and I'm with you on the death of Ros – how dare they? I live in hope that she might be faking death in order to go undercover. Or something)

    • says

      I'm hoping Dimitri isn't meant to be the new Lucas. He lacks the charisma. Sadly, I doubt they would do Ros faking her death, since they already did it two years ago. But I'd forgive them the unoriginality just to have her back.

  2. says

    My money's on Beth going, but that's only because I could swear they showed her dead in the “coming up” trailer. Would be a shame, because I kind of like her. And they need a bit of female kick-butt-ness to even TRY to make up for Ros being gone :(

    They'll probably never kill off Lucas North, because housewives all over Britain would find themselves crying uncontrollably over their North & South box sets, begging the BBC to put Richard Armitage back on telly ASAP.

    • says

      Were the housewives not merrily watching Robin Hood? But yeah, I don't think Beth would ever make up for Ros leaving, but maybe I'm biased. Hopefully she'll become amazing in upcoming episodes…


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