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Misfits: Series 3, Episode 1The third series of Misfits has an air of the regeneration about it. Not only do we have new powers for all the returning ASBO kids, there’s a new major character in the form of Rudy and… for once, there isn’t a new probation worker, actually. So some consistency.

But still, that’s a lot of changes. How do they measure up?

Rudy Awakening

In fact, not only does this feel like a regeneration, it almost seems like a pilot. There’s a lot of set-up work to do here: introducing Rudy, revealing the new powers and, of course, sending our heroes hurtling back inexorably towards their orange community service jumpsuits.

To be honest, Joseph Gilgun as Rudy gets most of the good scenes, since I suppose writer Howard Overman felt it necessary to sell him quickly. His constant, matey cheerfulness, regardless of whatever the hell is happening, is endearing, and makes a change (not a massive jarring one, but still) from Nathan’s shrieking try-hard obnoxiousness.

In fact, there’s so much Rudy here that the other characters feel pretty overlooked. They each get a couple of spotlight scenes, mostly to showcase their new powers, which vary from the funny (Kelly) to the inexplicable (Curtis). Still, that’s the nature of the beast, and I’m still curious how the group dynamic will work now that the natural order has, inevitably, restored itself by the end.

Goodnight, S**t Prince

Of course, Robert Sheehan as Nathan is missed. He was such a massive, constantly babbling presence on the show that his disappearance was always going to be felt. But at the same time, he was so annoying that you can see why the other characters aren’t that bothered by his disappearance. (And if you didn’t know, you can see him get written out in this online mini-episode.)

But I think New Misfits has potential to work, Rudy’s certainly got presence, and I’m curious where they’re going next. In terms of ongoing storylines, the only one that might be teased is the mysterious suited power-broker. Since he is still hanging around, including in the trailer for next week, I have to assume there’s a point.

So, what did you think of the latest iteration of Misfits? Great potential, or are they wasting their time continuing without Nathan? Check the episode out on 4OD and let us know below.

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  1. says

    I enjoyed the episode…but it didn’t have quite the same wow factor for me as the first episode of the first series did. As great as Joseph Gilgun is, I still felt the loss of Nathan. That said, I definitely think there’s more mileage left in the show.

    Love that Joseph used to act with Michael Socha in This Is England 86, brother of Lauren Socha (Kelly). 


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