How do you feel about the Being Human series finale? S5E6 – Dork Review

Being Human: The Last BroadcastBloody hell.

The last ever Being Human has aired, and I’m opting not to waste my word count on preamble. Spoilers, iPlayer, let’s get on with it.

Hal-us Sings The Blues

After almost turning evil a million times, Hal finally commits in The Last Broadcast, although there isn’t enough space for Damien Molony to really have fun with it (outside of that musical opening, which was great). Alex also gets out of last week’s cliffhanger pretty easily. In general, inter-group continuity gets pushed aside by the need to defeat Satan.

Leading to a finale spent largely in imaginary mode. It works, as this show has always been about the characters more than epic world-ending stuff, to spend a long while on their final temptations. The return of Allison was sweet, and Tom’s rejection of his normal life is perhaps the saddest one of all.

Shame the producers couldn’t swing an cameo from  the former main cast, but whether they tried for one or not, it meant a gimmick free ending to the story of series five. Which, I suppose brings us to the very last scene.

The Devil In Fake Happyland

So, the Devil wins and the trinity wander off to blissful fake happyland while he slaughters the population? Still: this is a fictional show, our heroes get their happy ending, maybe that’s enough? Or the tiny paper dog was made by Tom because he remembered it from the dream, and they did defeat Hatch?

I’m tempted to say “Yes, that was amazing!” just for sheer audaciousness, although it does feel a bit of a cheat to stick our heroes in a total jam, then only maybe show us the solution. And if that was the solution, it was pretty easy – for a story-based purpose, but still.

It sounds like Being Human was cancelled unwillingly, although given enough time to write an ending, so perhaps creator Toby Whitehouse is leaving himself lined up in case of reprieve.

Inspirational Message – There Is No Hope!

I don’t know. Anyway, that’ll be a divisive ending, I imagine, and I still don’t know how I feel about it. What was the central message of Being Human, in the end? Can our monster heroes become human? Not unless they’re willing to sacrifice the entire planet and go live in a dream world, it seems. Is it a happy ending, or just the happiest available ending?

I’ll grant this: it’s given me something to think about. Good run, Being Human. I imagine last-minute renewal is unlikely, but I’ll live in hope. Maybe the announcements of cancellation were a grand conspiracy to make that ending more convincing?

Anyway – what did you think of the ending? Too vague, or perfect?

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