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Being Human: No Care, All ResponsibilityThe penultimate Being Human ever, and stakes are high. Admittedly, not quite as high as it seemed they might be at the climax of last week’s episode, but still, shit is on the verge of going down. Hal is struggling with bloodlust, Rook is losing his tenuous grasp on morality and the devil is a-rising.

So, what hi-jinx this week? Spoilers, so, y’know, iPlayer first.

All Hal, No Angelus

I thought Hal had snapped and turned evil last week, but no, another gush of angst awaits in No Care, All Responsibility. Despite my disappointment, it’s probably better this way – I came away from that last one thinking his plunge to the dark side felt rushed. And next week, it seems, we finally get a proper introduction to naughty bad Hal.

Meanwhile, Tom has one last adorable puppy-dog plotline before the surely grim finale. Nice to hear a callback to Allison – his geeky werewolf love interest from last year – and even better to see the writers giving Tom his own storylines and getting more out of actor Michael Socha. Love this character, hard not to.

Alex, meanwhile, has been imprisoned by the Devil, because she might prevent the vampire/werewolf duelling he craves. Man, that girl never has any luck. Oh, and Rook gets a few character-building scenes, mostly to illustrate how far he’s now fallen.

All Doom, No Optimism

This is definitely a beginning-of-the-end episode. Not only is the Devil rising but the whole damn show is ending, and that knowledge plays well into the sense of doom. Even when Tom is being sweet and happy, we sit there, knowing it’s all going to go horribly wrong, but never quite realising how much.

So, I loved this one, again. Good news for Being Human quality control, bad news because there’s only one more episode left, ever. Will we get a cameo from any old faces? Will anyone die? Will the Devil be beaten back and all the heroes left to live happily ever after?

Probably not going to be quite that simple, based on the grim endings of previous series. But the tone of this year has been so light and fun that, as ever, I struggle to imagine we’ll see the heroes slaughtered and Satan laughing over their bodies. Still, nothing we can do now except wait and see. Back here next week one last time?

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