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Sinbad: House of GamesThe third episode of Sinbad aired last week, and yes, this review is a little late. Sorry, much like Sinbad himself, I was off voyaging (to Austria, via Ryanair), but thankfully nerd completism demands I get it done.

Last time, I said the show was an interesting set-up for a Merlin-esque fantasy show, but lacked the characterisation that makes other such series work. This week, the characters go to a casino.

Sinbad – More Shirtless Than You

So our heroes must face temptation. Well, I say “our heroes”, mostly Sinbad, still doing everything himself, while the sidekicks stand around. This doesn’t help with the key problem: it’s competently made with okay special effects (by UK TV standards anyway), but… who are these people, dammit? Beyond “girl thief”, “nice chap”, “grumpy warrior”, “exotic woman” and “quirky chef”.

I will say that this works better than the second episode as a standard adventure, and I like the concept of Sinbad’s curse manifesting as that massive amulet choking him.

In fact, the big guy himself had a good week, perhaps because he didn’t have any over-the-top reckless moments. Quite a lot of toplessness though. Seriously, you thought Arthur from Merlin was shirtless? Sinbad is the shirtlessest. (Word? No?)

My One Personality Trait Is “Over-Analysis”

The plot was inert, because the writers overestimate the drama of watching people gamble, and it’s odd how the doctor character went from brave to useless in a week. The characters already only have one personality trait – can you at least agree on them?

I was impressed how unsympathetic they went with the thief, though I worry it won’t get followed up. The chef character is fun though; more of him messing around on the sidelines.

Oh, and the end scene where Sinbad confesses his curse to the crew would’ve been emotional if they’d bothered to make much of his keeping it from them. I stand by my comment from last week: there is potential here for an okay series, but the current execution is ropey. Can’t really recommend it, but it’s not as if there’s much else on at the moment.

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