Sinbad: Series One Finale! – Dork Review

Sinbad: Series One Finale

Two years ago, Sky1’s controller said this of Sinbad: “Doctor Who is aimed at one type of family — our show will be for a younger, cooler family who like sexy, cool heroes.” My family never sat in the living room together marvelling at the sexiness of topless sailor chaps, but whatever floats your … [Read more...]

Sinbad: Fiend or Friend? – Dork Review

Sinbad: Fiend Or Friend?

After a first series which has spanned from heartbreaking lows to medium displays of okayishness, Sky’s Sinbad is finally coming to an end. This is the penultimate episode, and although it isn’t exactly the first of a two-parter, there’s definite set-up for next week’s ending. Not to mention a … [Read more...]

Sinbad: Episode Seven – Dork Review

Sinbad: Episode 7

This week on Sinbad, our relentlessly half-naked hero returns to Basra to confront the demons of the pilot episode, save his grandmother, kill the aspiring despot and... actually resolve most storylines. I allowed myself to hope this was the series finale, and the rumours of five more weeks had been … [Read more...]

Sinbad: The Siren – Dork Review

Sinbad: The Siren

In previous weeks, I’ve referred to Sinbad as “bad” or synonyms of such, and I’m a little concerned I might have lessened the impact of negative language by leaping in with this so soon. Because this week’s episode of Sinbad could be the worst yet. I know I normally use this space to outline what … [Read more...]

Sinbad: Episode Five – Dork Review

Sinbad - Episode 5

This week on Sinbad, most of the sidekicks are imprisoned on their ship by a voodoo priestess, who sends a monster made of coconut shavings after our hero. The man himself, meanwhile, is on the run with farmboy Gunnar. Unfortunately, the big G is suddenly kidnapped by ninjas, who reveal he is an … [Read more...]

Sinbad: Old Man of the Sea – Dork Review

Sinbad - Old Man of the Sea

So far, I’ve written two reviews of Sky’s Sinbad, one of the first two episodes and another of last week’s episode three. Those episodes were bad in roughly the same way, and I was worried this was going to get repetitive. I had a back-up plan to write this one in haiku to keep myself … [Read more...]

Sinbad: House of Games – Dork Review

Sinbad: House of Games

The third episode of Sinbad aired last week, and yes, this review is a little late. Sorry, much like Sinbad himself, I was off voyaging (to Austria, via Ryanair), but thankfully nerd completism demands I get it done. Last time, I said the show was an interesting set-up for a Merlin-esque fantasy … [Read more...]

Sinbad: Now Sailing on Sky – Dork Review

Sinbad cast - starring Elliot Knight

Last week, Sky1 debuted Sinbad, their new fantasy-adventure show in the vein of Doctor Who, Merlin and so forth. A group of misfits sail the seas, led by Elliot Knight as Sinbad, legendary sailor, cursed to die if he sets foot on land for more than a day and a night. So, is this a worthy addition … [Read more...]