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Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 7As the series (and, let’s face it, probably the whole show) draws towards a climax next week, Outcasts finally has the characters show some interest in the mysteries that loom over the entire enterprise. Considering the writers have been waving them at us since episode 1, it’s about time.

And this is especially welcome after last week’s quite repetitive and ponderous episode. So has this restored my excitement for the show, or is it too little too late?

Cass Cromwell – The Name Is Obviously Fake

The main storyline being given spotlight here is the intermittently-hinted Huge Secret of Cass Cromwell, combined neatly with a plotline about a dying marriage. After last week’s strolling wander, it was nice to have an episode which kept the tension going, as well as giving a better excuse for some action.

There were some holes, of course, especially Fleur’s total refusal to consider that Cass might be telling the truth. Considering all they’re meant to have been through together, she turns on him awfully quickly. Also, we are still missing many details about the Huge Secret. I wouldn’t mind, except I worry we won’t get any more chances to find out.

Not to mention, more facts might make his Huge Secret a bit more interesting. It seems a bit generic so far.

Julius Berger – Terrifying Ham Radio Enthusiast

Progress remains slow on the mysterious aliens subplot, but it’s good to see the lead characters looking into it; the same is true of the AC clones. Very little happens with either, but they achieve their goal of making us feel all these are about to boil over, just in time for next week’s climax.

Even Julius Berger, bastard and scary radio talker, gets another scary radio conversation at the end. This is intriguing if repetitive, but also concerning, as it doesn’t feel likely we’ll get a satisfying resolution to this either. (And if you think I’m being somewhat pessimistic, consider this: At least I keep putting “Series 1” in these review titles.)

Basically, the end is coming, some plots will be concluded, others will probably not, and there may never be another series. If they pull off a completely closed, satisfying resolution, look for a seriously rave review, but in the meantime, this is a decent episode that gets pace and anticipation up for a finale. If you’ve been following the show, you may as well check it out on iPlayer and start speculating below about what might happen.

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