Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 8 – Dork Review

Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 8

After eight episodes and almost as many time slots, the BBC’s upper-end science-fiction melodrama Outcasts comes to a halt for now. With ratings on the low side, it’s hard to feel optimistic about the chances of it ever returning. So do we get a beautiful resolution with a bow on top? Is the … [Read more...]

Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 7 – Dork Review

Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 7

As the series (and, let’s face it, probably the whole show) draws towards a climax next week, Outcasts finally has the characters show some interest in the mysteries that loom over the entire enterprise. Considering the writers have been waving them at us since episode 1, it’s about time. And … [Read more...]

Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 6 – Dork Review


In Outcasts this week, things continue to take a supernatural twist, or at least a sharp jump towards the unexplained, as our heroes are confronted with more hallucinatory phenomena out in the desert. But is this a beautifully executed mystery, or another risky step towards becoming Lost in … [Read more...]

Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 5 – Dork Review

Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 5

I’m not arrogant enough to believe the programme-makers read these flights of internet fancy, and even if they did, a show like Outcasts must be filmed so far in advance that it wouldn’t make a blind jot of difference. However. In last week’s review, I hoped for a storyline that didn’t revolve … [Read more...]

Outcasts: Episodes 3 & 4 – Dork Review

Outcasts: Episodes 3 and 4

Some curious scheduling this week, as BBC One showed another two episodes of Outcasts. Once felt like a launch event, twice feels like they want to get rid of it. This concern was exacerbated when news of a move out of Monday primetime started appearing. Unfortunately, it appears Outcasts may not … [Read more...]

Outcasts: Episodes 1 & 2 – Dork Review

Outcasts: Series 1, Episodes 1 & 2

The renaissance in British science fiction and fantasy TV continues with Outcasts, a new proper grown-up sci-fi series on primetime BBC1. It features much of what you’d expect: other planets, space-ships, special effects and a range of British actors you recognise from somewhere trying to deliver … [Read more...]