Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 6 – Dork Review

Outcasts: Series 1, Episode 6In Outcasts this week, things continue to take a supernatural twist, or at least a sharp jump towards the unexplained, as our heroes are confronted with more hallucinatory phenomena out in the desert.

But is this a beautifully executed mystery, or another risky step towards becoming Lost in Space?

No Place Like Clone

In previous reviews, I’ve had a bit of a moan about the series re-using the same old plot ideas, and at the time I was talking about the AC clone people. (Who are prominent this week yet again, by the way.) Well, this time they run through the “strange things happen outside the city” story again.

There are some pleasant character moments, as ever, with the tangled web of allegiances within the government growing more complex by the week. And it’s hard to deny they’ve put together a strong group of actors to tell their little story.

Still, this episode did drag quite horribly in the middle, weighed down further by the slight feeling of seen-it-all-before.

Julius And The Space Men

We do have hints of another plot point lurking above our heads, based on the shot towards the end featuring that Julius Berger bastard acting extremely suspiciously. Although even that only gives us a molecule more information than the similar scene last week.

I guess, after six episodes, the slow pace and similar storylines are starting to grate. The prospect of a character leaving the city and either getting attacked by clones or experiencing trippy weirdness doesn’t have the drama it used to, considering that is what has happened every week.

Not to mention, the weirdness has become so trippy that I’m not sure how they’ll adequately explain it, along with everything else, in the remaining two episodes. This would concern me less if I had any faith there would be a second series.

Since that looks unlikely, I worry we may have another Lost on our hands, except one in which we never find out the ending. Still, having watched the first six episodes, I may as well stick it out until the end. Check it out on iPlayer and let us know your plot-resolution worries below.

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