The World’s first erotic alarm clock

erotic alarm clock

The alarm clock is a much-abused gadget. We silence it, ignore it and, on really bad mornings, hit it. Poor alarm clock. But, things are about to change. An alarm clock has been designed to get you leaping out of bed with a grin on your face. Hell, you might even look forward to being … [Read more...]

Five of the best alarm clocks

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are a necessary evil if you have any desire to get to work on time every day. But as the mornings stay darker for longer, the idea of waking up and leaving your cosy duvet is a pretty hideous one. Katie has already covered the best SAD lights to combat the change of seasons, but I'm … [Read more...]

Five of the best SAD lights


The dark days are upon us and Mother Nature has left us all to manage our misery as best we can. Being an enterprising species, we've concocted various different alcoholic beverages to drink at various different winter festivals (Christmas, New Year, Midwinter, Twelfth Night, the office Christmas … [Read more...]