Retro Bakelite Alarm Clock. Simple but lovely

These Bakelite Alarm clocks from Dotcomgiftshop (£9.99) carry much of the charm of ye old world Bakelite goods, but are missing that musty aroma that you get from real vintage.

The colours are the right shade of retro, and the plastic is almost as good as the real thing. All that’s missing is a discoloured paper clockface (this one is still shiny and new), the aforementioned smell, and the usual noisy ticking sound. Thank you to whoever realised that a silent bedside clock is a basic human right.

I fell in love with the ones I got sent (orange and green). They’ll look lovely next to your bed on your faux retro Ikea bedside unit.

They do lose points for the annoying modern babababeeeep alarm, which is really due an update anyway (haven’t we had that same beep since the 80s?) It’s far too loud and will start your day by reminding you that you didn’t scour a second hand shop for a real Bakelite alarm clock like a proper hipster.

Other than that, I love them.

Bakelite Alarm Clocks, £9.95 available in red, orange, green, brown, cream and pink.

Katie Lee

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