Primeval: Series 5, Episode 4 – Dork Review

Primeval: Alexander Siddig as Philip Burton

For the whole of series four and five (which, to be honest, are a single thirteen-episode run), Primeval has been drawing out a storyline involving the clearly evil scientist Philip Burton and whether he is evil. Well, this week they’re finally ready to talk about it. So will this be long-awaited … [Read more...]

Primeval: Series 5, Episode 2 review

Primeval - Series Five Cast

This week, after a surprisingly reasonable series premiere, Primeval heads underwater for a claustrophobic showdown with both the usual dinosaurs and, surprisingly, the fear and intolerance of humanity as well. A thematic crossover with the most recent episode of Doctor Who? And was it any good? … [Read more...]

Primeval: Series 5, Episode 1 – Dork Review

The dinosaur-chasing saps of Primeval return, having stepped through one of their own anomalies (perhaps) to end up on Watch, rather than their usual ITV. So has their move to the lower end of the freeview spectrum left their budget gutted and the whole show in tatters, or is it business as usual … [Read more...]

Primeval: Series 4, Episode 4 – Dork Review

Primeval's Ciaran McMenamin (Matt)

Another week of ITV’s Primeval powers past, and you might be surprised to hear it has a dinosaur in it. Oh, and there’s shouting and shooting. Hannah from S Club 7 demonstrates some girl power. Does that help discern it from the others at all? This one also features unrealistic computer hacking … [Read more...]