The Walking Dead: Season 2 DVD – Dork Review

The Walking Dead: Season 2 DVD

After finally airing on terrestrial Channel Five, The Walking Dead season 2 is out in DVD next Monday. You’ve probably seen the episodes by now if you’re a fan, but how do they hold up as a unit? Are there any special features worth seeing? Well, we’ve had an early look at the boxset, so let’s … [Read more...]

Merlin: Season 3 DVD Boxset – Dork Review

Merlin: Season 3 DVD

Recently, Merlin season 3 was released on region 1 DVD in the United States, and we were offered the chance to review the boxset. Yes, we’re a UK-based site, but we love Merlin, so why not? Join us, as we relieve the year that saw Merlin battling ever harder to disguise his magic powers in the face … [Read more...]