Getting organised: Daily Routine app

daily routine

Remember that delicious 2013 enthusiasm and optimism a lot of us had a couple of weeks ago? Glorious, wasn't it? The trouble is, life can get in the way of fulfilling all those resolutions and goals. Chances are the diet has hit a few road bumps, your aim to hit the gym three times a week has … [Read more...]

Five things we love this week


This week, we've been drooling over quirky stationery, munching on Marmite carbs, playing retro games with a new tech twist, giggling at a man dressed up as Lady G and getting comic-happy with the Half Tone app. Fancy Fancy is "part store, blog, magazine and wishlist". It's a bit like … [Read more...]

Nursery Rhymes for the iPad

Story app for children

It might make you cringe at first -- the idea that we're now so phone-fixated we even do our parenting remotely -- but once you get over that initial gut response, you'll probably realise there are plenty of times when you'd quite like to read stories to your child when you're not actually there to … [Read more...]

Review: Quidco iPhone app


Today, Quidco has announced the launch of its iPhone app, something of a dream app for a bargain hunting, iPhone addicted girl like myself. Not familiar with Quidco? It's a cashback website that allows you to earn a percentage of money back on your shopping if you click through from their site. … [Read more...]