Good Omens radio show – with photos!!


Good Omens is coming to radio and I am struggling so much not to type this in all out caps (as I have been on Facebook and Twitter). “But Kate, this isn’t the first you’ve heard about it – they announced it a while ago,” I hear you say. And yes, they did. But they didn’t immediately release these … [Read more...]

Handmade Neil Gaiman Doll


How freakin' awesome is this handmade Neil Gaiman doll? He was made by blogger Meridian Ariel who creates all manner of weird and wonderful dolls and monsters, some of which are available to buy from her Etsy shop. If only all geeky literary crushes resulted in such wonderful creations. I … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife – Dork Review

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife

Last night’s Doctor Who featured a famous face: noted fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, of Sandman, American Gods and Stardust fame. Well, it didn’t feature his actual face, although you can see that in Doctor Who Confidential. But still, he wrote the episode, which is exciting for dorks everywhere. So … [Read more...]