Good Omens radio show – with photos!!


Good Omens is coming to radio and I am struggling so much not to type this in all out caps (as I have been on Facebook and Twitter). “But Kate, this isn’t the first you’ve heard about it – they announced it a while ago,” I hear you say. And yes, they did. But they didn’t immediately release these … [Read more...]

PURE Orla Kiely DAB digital radio

Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely DAB radio

We don't listen to the radio that much in my house. I blame this entirely on the lack of beautiful radios, rather than my penchant for trashy intellectually stimulating TV programs. This could all change now with PURE's collaboration with Orla Kiely in creating a new DAB radio. The DAB radio, … [Read more...]

Students redesign iconic PURE radios


As far as radios go, PURE offer some pretty damn stylish offerings. But even the big brands need a bit of fresh blood occasionally, which is perhaps why the radio geniuses created a competition for students at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design to design their very own PURE … [Read more...]