The Walking Dead Magazine – Dork Review


The first issue of the official Walking Dead Magazine is here! I've experienced both the comic and the TV show, so was excited to sink my teeth into an advance copy. We've got features covering not only the two most famous versions, but video games, tie-in novels and such as well. So, never one … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead: Wildfire – Dork Review

The Walking Dead: Wildfire

As you’d expect from a series as slow as The Walking Dead, this week is mostly devoted to the aftermath of last week’s sudden zombie attack. The survivors pick up the pieces, and many cast members are dead. Of course, I wasn’t as in love with last week’s episode as I had been with previous ones, … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead: Vatos – Dork Review

The Walking Dead: Vatos

It seems like The Walking Dead has barely started, and yet we are two thirds into the first season. That already-ordered second season of thirteen is some comfort, but still. God knows how we cope in Britain, where everything only gets six episodes. Anyway, the incremental, atmospheric … [Read more...]