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Being Human: Series 3, Episode 1

The third series of Being Human, the BBC’s #1 supernatural houseshare comedy-drama, begins. And they’ve got a cliffhanger to follow up from last year, a new setting to launch and more werewolves than a whole shop full of cheap horror DVDs. Suddenly, the series has also started attracting a much … [Read more...]

The best Halloween outfits

Doctor Who Cyberman Costume

Halloween. A time when children dress up as cute little pumpkins and witches, teenage girls put together a 'costume' that merges scary with slutty, and grown ups desperately attempt to create something that looks cool and yet effortless. No doubt this year's ghoulish festivities will be primarily … [Read more...]

Dork Review: Being Human series 2 – The End


Over the course of two series, Being Human has been balancing its co-existing halves, much like the characters within. The funny flatshare soap, pitted against the gothic fantasy. Neither the show nor its leads have always succeeded in this schizo-juggling, but it’s always been captivating viewing, … [Read more...]

Dork Review: Being Human series 2 so far


When the BBC’s Being Human first stalked onto the screen, it was alarmingly unlike the average BBC Three flatshare series. For one, it featured a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf. And those expecting “Two Pints Of Blood And A Packet Of Death” had to wait a lot longer than anticipated for the first … [Read more...]

Last minute Christmas gifts for geeks


There's still a smidgen of time left to order a Christmas present for that lovable dork in your life! Here's a few suggestions from us at Dork Adore. For the vampire fan... Have you got someone in the family who's as addicted to Vampire shows as we are at Dork Adore? I think I've found the … [Read more...]