Dork Review: Being Human series 2 so far


When the BBC’s Being Human first stalked onto the screen, it was alarmingly unlike the average BBC Three flatshare series. For one, it featured a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf. And those expecting “Two Pints Of Blood And A Packet Of Death” had to wait a lot longer than anticipated for the first … [Read more...]

Twilight New Moon: Creating the wolves


The release of Twilight: New Moon brings with it a flurry of merchandise emblazoned with the 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' slogans. I'm so Team Jacob. Let's be honest, the CGI is much better for the wolves, whilst Edward has to be content with a bit of a shimmer in the light. Want to know … [Read more...]

Five things that are better than vampires


You can’t open Google, turn on the telly or talk to certain people called Charles at the moment without being assaulted by vampires, actors who have played vampires falling out of sub-standard nightclubs, and interviews with people who have written about vampires. You can’t blame it on Halloween - … [Read more...]