Hunting down Easter Eggs: Konami codes and more

Whilst browsing Mashable this weekend, I came across a post on Easter Eggs in popular websites, based on the Konami code for retro game cheats. The concept is that by tapping “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start” upon visiting certain sites, you’ll get access to a hidden feature.

Oh so geeky and oh so addictive.

Easter Egg codes have achieved a huge following, and have become particularly popular on DVDs for hiding those hidden extras for die hard fans to find. Some Easter Eggs don’t require a code, and can simply be spotted by eagle-eyed viewers (Pixar in particular love to pop in subtle references to other movies) Their popularity has led to a number of sites launching that are dedicated to hunting down and revealing the latest Easter Eggs.

Fancy finding some Easter Eggs yourself? Here are a few more sites to track down the secret content.

  • EEggs: A simple, if slightly dull, database of Easter Eggs. Regularly updated.
  • DVD Easter Eggs: Film fans can browse the Easter Eggs here for hours. The site itself hasn’t been updated for a while, however the forums are still thriving.
  • EggHaven: Lists a variety of Easter Eggs in software, DVDs, music and websites.
  • Tips & Tricks: Play Snake on a YouTube video
  • Robert Accettura has some incredibly geeky Easter Eggs hidden in the HTML of some huge sites.

Know of any more sites? Or any super-Easter Eggs? Let us know!

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